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18-year-old vlogger gives young girls disgusting advice on domestic abuse

An 18-year-old isn’t normally the first person you’d ask for relationship advice. After all, they’re just starting out in the world. What do they know about love? You can cross this 18-year-old video blogger’s relationship advice off your list as the worst advice you’ll ever hear about domestic abuse and true love.

In a video blog that has recently gone viral, Romina Garcia makes no bones about the fact that she is an open supporter of abusive relationships. Her reason why? This sadly confused and also abused vlogger believes that physical violence in a relationship is a sign of true love.

Garcia says in the video, “I just wanted to say that if your boyfriend or the guy that you’re with puts his hands on you, like he hits you or beats you up or whatever he does, stay with him. That n***** f****** loves you because he’s risking for you to press charges on him, he is risking for you know, you calling the police or you know, he — he’s gonna do time or he’s gonna have to pay money to get out of jail or whatever the case may be. He’s risking all of that for you.”

I don’t know where this beautiful young girl is getting her information, but it is bad, bad, bad. In the video, she goes on to describe how she received the “gift” of a black eye from her boyfriend on a recent occasion. Garcia insists that it was her fault — she should have moved out of the way. Garcia recounts how she begged her boyfriend not to leave her and apologized.

Through the violent attack, Garcia learned a so-called valuable lesson that she shared with other teen viewers: Don’t disrespect your boyfriend. Don’t talk back. If he gives an order, follow it.

I would so desperately hope that this teen girl is joking for a few minutes of viral fame, but I don’t think she is. She was happy to explain to the world that in her abusive relationship, love equals a black eye. Garcia believes that her boyfriend cared enough to beat her.

In the midst of these horrible statements, it’s compelling to see Garcia say honestly what so many young women are thinking. But that’s where it should stop. Garcia needs help immediately to end the violence she supports in her relationship. Even more, Garcia needs to stop sharing her message with young teen girls who just may be confused enough to listen. It’s frightening to think that this is the advice teen girls receive from celebrity “peers” on the internet.

If there’s any question on the subject, this is worth saying: Violence is never OK in any relationship, under any circumstance. Young girls shouldn’t have to put up with abuse to receive love. Garcia deserves better, and so do you.

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