10 Actually Useful Gifts for New Moms

Aug 20, 2018 at 2:10 p.m. ET
Gifts New Moms Will Actually Use
Image: Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

Being a new parent is not easy. And being the friend of a new parent comes with its challenges too — what can you get your new-mom bestie that’ll actually be useful to her? Other than, you know, volunteering to watch the baby.

From über-useful newborn items (hi, diapers) to practical subscription boxes to a few tiny trips out of the house (*gasp!*) here are 10 gifts new parents will totally use — and for which they'll be eternally grateful.

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1. Diapers, duh

Baby in diaper Image: Roberto Westbrook/Blend Images/Getty Images.

Sure, it’s not the most exciting gift, but any new parent needs diapers (although check in as to whether your pal is hoping for the disposable or the cloth variety).

Pampers Swaddlers disposable diapers, $37.97 at Amazon

2. Fresh, ready-to-eat food

Fudge and walnut cookies Image: The Kitchn.   

Plenty of parents would utter a cry of sheer happiness if a friend showed up to their front door with a meal or treat. Be it fruit or veggies or a batch of warm baked goods like these fudge and walnut cookies, it will leave your friend fed and loved — and they'll love you forever.

3. A gift card to a hair salon

Drybar exterior shot Image: Drybar.

All parents need to get pampered every now and then. Finding the time to do so, however, is a challenge — but if you get your pal a gift card for a cut or blowout, it might just motivate her to get her butt out of the house for a few hours.

Drybar gift card, $50 at Drybar

4. The ultimate at-home spa day box

Spa gift box Image: PeaceOrganics/Etsy.   

Or just gift an at-home spa day for when leaving the house feels totally impossible.

Spa gift box, $32.30 at PeaceOrganics/Etsy

5. A subscription box

Image: Kidbox.

Is there any gift better than one that not only shows up every month at your front door but also gives back? Kidbox has two subscription boxes perfect for newborns: one full of essentials like socks and underwear and another with stylish newborn clothing from brands like 7 for All Mankind, Lucky Brand and more. Just take your pick, and once you do, you'll also be pleased to know that for every Kidbox purchased, a new clothing item will be given to a child who needs it through a charity of your choice. 

Personalized style box, $68 at Kidbox

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6. A mini espresso machine

Wacaco Minipresso Image: Amazon.

Shots of coffee throughout the day? Yes, please. What’s great about this little device is that your friend can even take it along on errands. It’s basically like being hooked up to a coffee drip. 

Or, you know, you can just buy a Starbucks card and call it a day. A new parent will love either one.

Wacaco Minipresso, $49.89 at Amazon

7. A class pass

Spin class Image: Skynesher/E+/Getty Images.

Raising a newborn is stressful to say the least. Help your new-parent pal punch, kick, cycle or stretch through it all — whatever their fitness choice. SoulCycle, for example, makes it super-simple to gift a class to a friend via an e-gift card. 

E-gift card (enough to cover one class and a shoe rental), $40 at SoulCycle 

8. A cleaning service

Clean modern kitchen Image: Caiaimage/Charlie Dean/Caiaimage/Getty Images.

Can you imagine the look on a parenting newb's face when a maid shows up to clean the house? All they'll need to do is sit back, relax and maybe even take a nap. Glorious. Merry Maids is a solid option. 

Maid service, $50 – $90 per hour at Merry Maids

9. A streaming service subscription

'Game of Thrones' Image: HBO.

If your friend doesn't already have an HBO subscription, get them one (especially if they haven't started watching Game of Thrones yet). Yes, you're looking at paying a monthly fee, but you don't have to pay it forever. Start off going monthly for two or three months, and if your friend doesn't use it a ton, you can simply cancel it. In the end, they'll love you for getting them through those newborn months.

HBO Now subscription, $15 per month at HBO

10. More sleep

Baby Shusher Image: Amazon.

True, you can't cast a magic spell to give your sleep-deprived new-parent pal some extra z's, but you can sure try with this Baby Shusher. This product uses a recorded voice to gently shush Baby back to sleep. Plus, it's super-portable.

Baby Shusher, $34.99 at Amazon