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Hot-rod garage donates custom caskets for 5 children killed in a home fire

After five siblings died in an Edna, Texas, house fire, the community rallied around the grieving family. Trey Ganem, a hot-rod garage owner, donated caskets for each child.

Five siblings, ages 5 to 15, died in an early morning mobile home fire last week. Only the parents, Johnny Hernandez Jr. and Annabel Ortiz, and a younger brother survived. Faced with this unimaginable loss, the Ortiz parents approached Ganem asking for help with custom caskets. According to Ganem’s wife, he took on the task as if the deceased children were his own.

Each painfully small casket bears designs that represent what the children loved. Sisters Areyanah and Lilyana will be laid to rest in Frozen caskets. Nicholas and Julian each have caskets bearing designs from video games and WWE wrestling.

Oldest sibling Noah, who authorities say died trying to rescue his brothers and sisters, will be laid to rest in a casket bearing the Edna High School colors, his name and football jersey number.

Little can be done to comfort parents dealing with such a horrific loss, but Ganem’s efforts may give them a small measure of peace as they say goodbye to their children.

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