Mom embarrasses son every day at bus stop as punishment (VIDEO)

Dec 1, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Image: Bill McChesney/Flickr

This mom should add a cape to her Jazzercise outfit, because she is our hero.

After her son got caught shoplifting, this mom elected to nix the cruel punishment option and fully commit to the unusual punishment option: meeting him at the bus stop every day until Christmas, dressed in an outfit that might embarrass even the likes of Elton John (yay for the matching outfits suggestion!).

At one point, the son is so aggrieved by her choice of punishment that he requests she just hit him and get it over with. A preference for physical violence is the best indication that her punishment is totally working. But, as she says, "Violence is not the answer; laughter is." So, bad luck, kid. And just like that, she's high-kicked her way into the Mom Hall of Fame and our hearts.

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