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Potty-Mouth Princesses drop more F-bombs for domestic violence

Hold on to your pearls. The Potty-Mouth Princesses take on domestic violence in another over-the-top video — complete with foul language and realistic, domestic abuse-themed makeup. Many feel the message could get across just as easily without the swear words, but I don’t think it can.

Potty-Mouth Princesses Part 2: Girls F-Bomb Domestic Violence by from on Vimeo.

What’s more offensive — little girls dropping F-bombs, or the fact that domestic violence is a serious issue? The sad fact is that most domestic violence videos and commercials unfortunately just don’t make as much of an impact as the Potty-Mouth Princesses do. You don’t see people passing around the NFL’s amazing and very serious domestic violence TV commercials, even though they probably should.
The posse of pint-size princesses is designed to shock, and shock they do. I’m personally not too outraged by the swearing, and I don’t feel these videos encourage children to use foul language. These kids are actors. I do understand that many think it’s outrageous, though, because everyone has different values (and no, I don’t encourage my children to curse, but it’s not a huge issue to me). However, I do have a major problem: Both of the FCKH8 videos are also designed to sell T-shirts, which is completely gross. They continually exploit marginalized populations for profit, and it reeks.

Is the cursing really necessary, and is the message lost because of it? It’s hard to say. It’s definitely one of the things most folks are homing in on. Hopefully the virality of their videos will help get more talking about family issues and domestic violence, but it is sad to me that the only way a domestic violence video will go viral is if kids curse.

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