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Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh proves he’s an awesome dad off the court

Chris Bosh of the Miami HEAT is no stranger to the bright lights of the NBA. He is a two-time NBA Champion, has been selected as an NBA all-star the last nine seasons and won a gold medal with Team USA at the 2008 Olympics. But perhaps his most important stats are those he’s accumulated at home.


t Bosh is the father of three children, daughters Trinity and Dylan, and son Jackson. And while basketball may be the center of his career, he’s very much an involved dad off the court. So I sat down with him after practice to ask him some of the most pressing parenting questions today. (Actually I just asked him some silly questions in rapid fire succession… you can watch the video here!)


Photo credit: April Belle Photos

tMe: What’s the one lesson you most want to teach your daughters?

tCB: Be respectful and don’t take any crap!

tMe: What’s the one song that your kids sing that you absolutely love?

tCB: Let it Go, Frozen.

tMe: You’re a big Frozen fan?

t CB: I was until I watched it for the 100th time!

tMe: What’s the one kid’s show you watch that drives you bonkers?

tCB: Paw Patrol; my son is into Paw Patrol right now. And you get a feel for the ones that you like and the ones that are like “ugh,” and Paw Patrol is like that. He loves it… but he’s watching it a lot right now.

tMe: Parenting philosophy, co-sleeping or cry it out?

tCB: We don’t let them sleep with us… but we don’t let them cry it out. We cuddle with them, and let them think they’re sleeping with us, and then put them back in their beds.

tMe: What is the going rate from the tooth fairy in your house?

tCB: Like $10-$20! She came back and said “look what the tooth fairy left me,” and I was like, I need to get into business with the tooth fairy, or have another childhood!

tMe: Do the kids eat what the family eats or is it chicken nuggets every night?

tCB: They don’t eat what the family eats but we try to give them freedom a little bit. My eldest daughter was on a noodles-and-broccoli kick for a while; that’s all she wanted to eat was plain noodles and broccoli. I was just happy with that, but if it’s too bad, it’s like you can’t have chicken nuggets every night.

tMe: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever heard yourself say as a parent?

tCB: “Stop running in the house!” I sounded like my father, or things like “close the door,” or “if you come back in stay in”… it’s very simple but it drives me up the wall.

Photo credit: April Belle Photos

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