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Celeb bump day: Vanessa Lachey, Kate Middleton, Shakira, Kourtney K.

Happy Wednesday Hump Day, also known to us as Celebrity Baby Bump Day. We rounded up the cutest pregnant celebrities this Thanksgiving Eve, which includes Vanessa Lachey, who talked about pregnancy No. 2 with American Baby magazine. Kate Middleton showed off her tiny bump in a red dress, while keeping her hair casual in a ponytail. Shakira, Kourtney Kardashian and Molly Sims round out our list of the most buzz-worthy baby bumps of the week.

Pregnant Vanessa Lachey showed off her baby bump on the December/January cover of American Baby magazine and shared how she is getting ready for baby No. 2. She and her husband, Nick Lachey, are parents to 2-year-old Camden and they are expecting a baby girl. Lachey opened up about the good and the bad about social media, as well as how she became confident in her skills as a mom.

Vanessa Lachy American Baby

Photo credit: American Baby

“With social media, people share mostly their best moments. Don’t feel like you’re not doing enough when you see a mom posting about making applesauce after you bought it,” she told American Baby. “It’s fine! Just for raising a little human being you should be commended.”

She revealed that bonding didn’t happen for her after she saw the baby. “While pregnant with my son, Camden, I felt guilty because everyone told me about this love I’d feel, and I wasn’t there yet. I remember asking Nick, ‘Is there something wrong with me? I’ve wanted this my whole life, and I’m forcing myself to have those feelings.’ For me, the love really flowed when I found out the baby was a boy. That’s when I could finally bond, once I knew ‘it’ was a ‘him,'” she said.

Lachey said that she isn’t worried about parenthood, because she knows her parenting instincts will kick in. “Once Camden was born, certain fears calmed down. I no longer thought, ‘Will I be able to do this?’ My instincts really did kick in. We stumble and make mistakes, too, but that’s what learning is. That’s the beauty of it,” she said.

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