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Holiday gifts for the breastfeeding mom

Is there a breastfeeding mother on your holiday shopping list? Fear not — these gift ideas will make shopping for her a breeze.

Milkies milk trays

Milkies Milk Trays

Milkies Milk Trays make freezing your pumped milk a breeze. Each tray is divided up into eight equal portions, which will create eight “milk sticks” that are 1 ounce each. This ensures that you can take out and warm up exactly the amount of milk your baby needs — no more waste. Brilliant. (Fairhaven Health, $21)


Boppy breastfeeding pillow

The ultimate breastfeeding pillow, the Boppy is often on a new mom’s wish list. The Bare Naked Boppy is amazingly simple and allows you to change the cover because you feel like it, or your baby spit up all over it. (Boppy, $30)

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen

Breastfeeding moms often hear that they need to hydrate. Instead of urging her to create an endless pile of water bottles, gift her a stainless steel Klean Kanteen. Opt for the sport top so she can sip away easily without having to fumble with a cap. (Klean Kanteen, $20)

Aden and Anais daydream blanket

aden+anais daydream blanket

Nothing says comfort and warmth like a soft, warm blanket and the daydream blankets from Aden and Anais provide all that and more, making them a great gift for a nursing mom in the colder winter months. (Aden and Anais, $125)

Avent Isis manual pump

Avent Isis Manual Pump

If the breastfeeding mom on your list doesn’t have a pump, or wants a manual pump for times when she’s not up to hooking up her electric one, try an Avent Isis Manual Pump. Moms say they’re amazing to use and many moms get excellent results. (, $61)

Netflix gift card

Netflix gift card

A gift of streaming TV would make any nursing mom’s day. You can get Netflix gift cards at a number of retail locations, and they’re now available at Target nationwide. (Target, $30)

The Breastfeeding Book

The Breastfeeding Book

Authored by a leading breastfeeding expert, The Breastfeeding Book by Dr. William Sears is a favorite choice for nursing moms. (, $12)

Chewbeads nursing necklace

Chewbeads nursing necklace

Some babies are fiddlers, so a nursing necklace from Chewbeads will help captivate a little one and keep her hands busy so you can nurse in peace. (Chewbeads, $35) gift card gift card

Breastfeeding moms do spend quite a bit of time nursing their babies, so a gift card from will make her Christmas nursing sessions even more awesome — she can select some new books or DVDs. (, $50 or more)

Food gift baskets

Organic food basket

Nursing moms need plenty of snacks, and ones that don’t need refrigeration or much preparation are ideal. Make sure you find out if she has any food intolerance or allergies first, but we love this organic snack gift basket. You can also assemble your own, or go one step further and stock her fridge with already-cut fresh veggies and dip. (, $37)

Fire HD kids edition tablet

Kindle Fire Kids Edition Tablet

For a techie mom, the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet is an amazingly generous gift that she can hand off to her child when he enters his toddler years — a true gift that keeps on giving. Under Mom’s profile, it operates like a regular tablet, allowing her to read books, surf the web, take photos and watch streaming videos, but she can enable Amazon FreeTime for a worry-free toddler experience down the road. (, $149)

Nursing camisole

Target nursing cami

Nursing camis are like a bra and a camisole all in one. We love the Gilligan and O’Malley brand from Target. They provide full belly coverage and undo easily for a feed no matter where you are. (Target, $20)

Nursing pads

Nursing pads

Breastfeeding boobs leak, particularly in the early months. Hook your mama friend or family member up with a nice set of nursing pads from Lansinoh. (, $24)

Breastfeeding tea

Breastfeeding tea

Some moms love to use nursing teas, and we love this one from Earth Mama Angel Baby. Some moms say that it really helps increase production. (, $10)

Booby tubes

Booby Tubes

Another gem from Earth Mama Angel Baby, Booby Tubes are a godsend to moms who are experiencing breast discomfort. (, $12)

Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra

Simple Wishes pumping bra

For pumping moms, a hands-free pumping bra can work miracles. The Simple Wishes Hands Free Breastpump Bra gives moms the freedom to pump and still use her hands — amazing! (, $33)

Stork Craft hoop glider and ottoman

Rocking chair

If your mom friend is needing a place to comfortably rock and nurse her baby, a glider rocking chair is exactly what she’s looking for. We love these rocking chairs from Target. So cozy. (Target, $178)

Hair ties

Hair ties

This is an awesome stocking stuffer for a mom who has hair on the longer side. These hair ties from Scünci are perfect. (, $4)

Flavored Coffee-mate

Peppermint mocha Coffee-Mate

Coffee-mate has a ton of flavored creamers that would be welcomed by a nursing mom. Whether she drinks regular or decaf, setting her up with something like Peppermint Mocha creamer would be a fun and amazing gift. (Wal-Mart, $6)

Extra receiving blankets

aden + anais merino swaddler

You really can’t have too many receiving or swaddling blankets. We love Aden and Anais swaddlers because they’re soft, generous and will last your child years. Their newest offerings, merino muslin swaddles, are truly amazing (Aden and Anais, $150). For a simpler gift, try a pack of their classic swaddles instead (Aden and Anais, $50).

The writer received the Fire HD Kids Edition and Coffee-Mate from the respective brands so she could try out the products. All opinions expressed in the article are based on the reviewer’s own assessments of the products.

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