5 Awesome baby products you need in your life

Nov 24, 2014 at 2:55 p.m. ET

Whether it's a beauty product, a book or a baby toy, I live for that moment when I purchase an item, bring it home and it is everything I expected it to be and more.

One of my least favorite moments, however, is when I purchase an item and bring it home only to find that I spent my hard-earned cash on something that disappoints. Nothing irritates me more (the exception being when someone steals my french fries). I have found that the absolute best way to shop is through recommendation. Nowadays, I do not purchase anything without scouring the internet for reviews or, even better, asking friends for endorsements.

Since I consider all of you to be friends, I give you my very first "List of Favorite Things!"

"Freshly Picked" baby moccasins

Topping my list are baby moccasins made by a company called "Freshly Picked." These little moccasins are not only the most adorable shoes on the market, they are the only ones my son will keep on his feet. If you are looking for a great holiday gift for a niece or nephew, or (like me) you need a pair of shoes that won't drive you and your husband to drink after battling to get them on... these are the shoes for you. I love, love them!


BabyBjorn ONE carrier

There are a plethora of baby carriers on the market. However, finding the right one for you and your baby can become a pricey endeavor. When my son was an infant, the Ergobaby saved my life. As he got older, however, there would be a full-on meltdown every time I tried to use it. It was time to upgrade. The BabyBjorn One really worked well for us because it's super easy to use (I remember having a full-on meltdown myself trying to figure out those Moby Wraps), it's comfortable and most importantly, it has a front-facing position, which my baby loves.


HIPSTER 3 in 1 baby hip carrier

I recently stumbled onto this product while trying to find a new carrier. I ended up getting both the BabyBjorn and the HIPSTER because I could get proper use out of both. The HIPSTER has a supporting belt with an integrated seat for your baby! An actual seat, people! The best thing about this is that your baby doesn't feel enclosed. It's easy on the mom's back, provides nine different ways to carry your baby and gives back! For every HIPSTER sold, one can of formula is donated to an orphanage in need.



I love the Piyo duck. It's bright yellow and makes me happy just looking at it! The cuteness of the duck may have caught my eye, but the products are innovative, well made and functional. My son loves the Bendies (bendable spoon and fork set) and the Easy Reach Sippy Cup. I am also a fan of the PiyoPiyo Pure Water Baby Wipes (hypoallergenic, fragrance and alcohol free) and the Adjustable Waterproof Bib, which has a snap-on, snap-off pocket! This bib has a four stage adjustable closure that grows with your baby. All of the PiyoPiyo products are really smart, but also... the cuteness!


SHAIKOO hands free towel

A baby towel is a baby towel is a baby towel, right? Wrong. I cannot believe I didn't have this baby towel from the time my son was born. It fastens around the neck so that both hands are free for you to safely lift your baby onto your body and wrap them up in the towel. Not only is it a safe way to remove your slippery-when-wet baby from the tub, but it also keeps you dry when he gets older and decides splashing around in the tub and drenching you with water is a really fun game.


I hope this list helps you and your shopping efforts! As always, I would love to hear your feedback. Please let me know your experience with any of these items, but also, pass along some of your favorites as well.