The most heartwarming parenting stories of 2014

Dec 25, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET
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When parenting is in the news, the stories are oftentimes tragic or distressing. These uplifting stories will touch your heart.

Looking for a mood boost? These heartwarming, uplifting parenting stories from 2014 will rekindle your trust in the human spirit.

Helping kids with cancer

The work being done at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is amazing beyond belief, and when our editor, Eve Vawter, visited the facility, she brought back stories of hope that are created in a beautiful environment that helps kids feel safe, warm and important. Nobody wants her child to be stricken with cancer, but it's comforting to know that help like this is available if needed.

Adorable pregnancy announcement

Whether you're tired of pregnancy announcements or not, this couple charmed our hearts out with their super sweet and funny video which captures their friends and family members reacting to their pregnancy news.

Heartbreaking farewell

While you'll definitely need the tissues for this one, the story about a new dad singing to his dying newborn not long after his wife died in childbirth will definitely warm your heart.

Tiny Iron Man

Another new dad constructs a small Iron Man costume for his infant, who hasn't left the hospital since his birth — because even sick babies can dress up for Halloween.

Car accident victim supported across the country

When a young football fan was struck by a car and left in a coma, his parents weren't sure where to turn, but they made a request to have a fellow football fan hold up a sign for the boy at a game across the country. Another dad obliged — and his words will touch your heart.

Hockey players dress up as Frozen characters for sick kids

Nothing says, "Aw," like burly hockey players dressing up as popular children's characters to lift the spirits of sick children. And, yes, Anna and Elsa were definitely on hand.

Shane, the "bucket list" baby

A couple got devastating news that their unborn child wouldn't live much past his birth, so they decided to create a bucket list to make memories for him — before he was even born. Their journey from diagnosis to his birth was exceptionally bittersweet.

Car seat mom

It's easy to hand out tickets when you're a police officer, but Officer Ben Hall made our hearts explode when, instead, he bought a mom a car seat when he noticed her little one wasn't properly restrained.

Cards for boy with cancer

A simple request can go a long way, as Danny Nickerson's parents found out when they asked people to send the 6-year-old birthday cards. Danny suffers from pediatric brain cancer and the response was amazing.

Teen Starbucks barista stands up for nursing mom

One of the most positive stories of 2014 came from a simple act of human kindness when a teen barista stood up for a breastfeeding mom. Too often, stories about breastfeeding in public have a crummy ending, but this guy made our day when he told a complaining customer to back off.

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