Moms share their strangest morning sickness cures

Twelve weeks of nausea and vomiting await those who are blessed with a baby bump.

It’s like a rite of passage. The experience of unrelenting nausea has a way of bringing other women out of the woodwork to share their own cures for troublesome morning sickness. Usually it’s run-of-the-mill stuff, like munching on bland crackers first thing in the morning, or nibbling on candied ginger.

Some women, though, are evangelistic about quirkier morning sickness cures. We plunged the depths of internet weirdness to find out the oddest things women have tried to treat their morning sickness. Hey, whatever works.

1. Happy with wet wipes

Redditor BigAshPyro swears by wet wipes to stop morning sickness in its tracks. “The one thing I used all the time was lemon-scented wet wipes,” she said. As she walked by seafood at the grocery store, she’d just cover her nose with a handy citrus-scented wet wipe and march right on by. It’s like a modern version of smelling salts, or something.

2. Diet shakes for all

Mom Elizabeth G. says that quick doses of liquid protein immediately stopped her nausea. “Oddly, Slimfast helped me get my protein quickly, and the texture was easier than food,” she said. We don’t think she lost any weight on the Slimfast plan, though.

3. Warm, bubbly aspartame

Diet Coke is a pregnancy no-no, but Redditor JollyJack said it was the only thing that helped her nausea. “I’d pour caffeine-free Diet Coke in a mug, and nuke it in the microwave with freshly sliced ginger,” she explained. A warm treat for winter, right?

4. Gobstoppers and tomatoes

In quite the combination, mom Amanda reported that Gobstoppers helped to nix nausea within just a few seconds — but she added stewed tomatoes to her repertoire when the going got tough. She explained that the acidity really seemed to help.

5. The best defense is a good offense

Truly, the flavor of vomit can make all the difference. Redditor ManicMommy explained, “Nothing helped my morning sickness. My solution to make it more manageable was to drink orange juice when I started to feel nauseous — everything that came back up tasted like OJ instead of vomit.” Now that’s a pragmatic woman.

6. Tasty, pasty semen

SUNY professor Gordon Gallup postulated in 2012 that morning sickness is best cured by ingesting the semen of the baby’s daddy. We’ve yet to find a woman willing to report on this method’s efficacy. (Also: A man would make this hypothesis, sheesh.)

So, what is the oddball morning sickness cure that worked for your pregnancy?

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