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5 Tips that make holiday shopping for multiple kids a little easier

With four sons, the holidays are a fun time for us, especially when it comes to gift giving.


t They get so excited for the holidays, it’s something that they start talking about as soon as the summer is over. Truth be told, the “wish lists” for Santa start pretty early in September, too. Although, as every mom and dad probably experiences, throughout the year I get the, “Mom? Can you get me this for Christmas?” So in all honesty, the holiday toy wish lists never really start or end!

t Ever since my sons were little, I’ve gotten smart in the shopping department. They’re all close in age and they really do have similar interests, so I’ve always shopped with all of them in mind.

t We were recently sent an amazing toy from Hot Wheels® to try out at home with the boys. The Hot Wheels® Airbrush Auto Designer is so much fun and a great way for your kids to design and play. You truly create your own custom ride! The best part was watching them all play together. Since they all love cars and they all love doing artistic things, I knew it would be a hit.


t This new toy got me thinking about the simple tips that I employ that can can make shopping for multiple children a little easier.

  1. Look for specific kinds and types of toys that your children can all play with together. For example, I will buy a football, soccer ball, Frisbee or basketball, because my sons are very athletic and love to play together outside. These types of toys are items are perfect for them to all enjoy.
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  3. For the holidays, “Santa” always leaves a few toys for each child, but he leaves five to six for all of them. These are toys that I know the boys will all enjoy, and to cut down on the fighting, I make it known that Santa brought them for all of them, not mom and dad.
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  5. If your children are all asking for the same kind of toy, my advice is to buy each of them a toy from that brand. You might not want two or three or four of the same toy in your house, but if you buy different toys from the same brand, everyone can enjoy them, too.
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  7. Find toys for your children that work together like a set. It’s a great way for everyone to be happy!
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  9. If your kids get toys that you need them to share, have them make “deals” together for sharing time. You play with X toy for 15 minutes if I can play with Y toy during that time.

I promise you, these are tips that will work!

tDisclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Hot Wheels® and SheKnows.

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