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Tila Tequila actually named her baby something super normal

Of all the celebrities and their wackadoo baby naming habits, we would never guess Tila Tequila would be the one to keep her baby game on the straight and narrow.

But here we are. The former reality star/alien goddess/conspiracy theorist has given birth to a healthy baby girl, and named her something totally normal: Isabella Monroe Nguyen. (Nguyen is Tila’s actual last name. What, you’re surprised?)

That’s a good name. No question marks to be had. And for as weird (and at times disturbing) as Ms. Tequila can be, she seems to want nothing but the best for her new little girl. In July, when she announced the sex of her baby, she wrote a heartfelt blog entry on her website about her dreams for her future “mini-me:”

I could tell her about Mommy’s entire life and why it’s so important to not make the same mistakes I made. I want my baby girl to grow up a very strong, and independent woman just like I am, and you know what? I know that she will! My daughter will grow up to be a leader and stand up for all of the people who cannot stand up for themselves. My daughter will be beautiful just like her mama, but at the same time I will raise her to be a humble and loving person who will respect herself and others.

Admit it. That’s super sweet. Welcome to the world, Isabella Monroe.

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