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Toy company thinks it’s cool for kids to play with plush rectums (VIDEO)

Say goodbye to Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day and say hello to Gall Bladder Picnic Day.


This video has me conflicted: On the one hand, it seems really great that kids are going to learn about their internal organs. On the other hand, it seems totally weird that kids might be falling asleep next to a fluffy kidney. A little human biology understanding always goes a long way, but perhaps kids could start at a more basic level — one that doesn’t involve carrying testicles and ovaries (and cute and soft and happy ones at that) around. They could, oh, I don’t know, learn to read first maybe?

To be honest with you, I wouldn’t be able to recognize a bladder if it came up to me on the street and tapped me on the shoulder, and, contrary to what a urologist might say, I don’t think I’m really missing out on much because I wouldn’t be able to pick a bladder out of a lineup.

But, kudos to for their totally unique plushie development of “20 of the most sought-after internal organs,” and for likely confusing would-be visitors to the black market who suddenly hear of organs they can buy.

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