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Baby tries to say ‘food,’ instead curses like a sailor (VIDEO)

A little more emphasis on the “D,” baby Adelynn, and maybe pump the brakes on the “C” and the “K.”


Way to expand your vocab, Adelynn! She’s going to learn that word someday, we suppose, so perhaps we can label this baby as advanced as well as mucho adorable? Her parents seem pretty entertained by the whole thing, and babies are mainly for the entertainment of adults, right? The way we see it, Adelynn is totally winning at life right now, kicking word goals and everything.

Our biggest concern is this, though: If she can’t say “food” properly, then how is she going to be able to demand it? Being able to speak but not being able to articulate that you want the most wonderful thing life has to offer — food — would just be the worst. We’re very emotional about this and may need to take a personal day to deal with it. We’ll probably eat a lot of food on said personal day.

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