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Couple announces pregnancy through adorable photo trick (VIDEO)

Making someone think you’re going to take their photo and instead recording a video is a modern-day trick that has proliferated in the cellphone era. But one couple used this to their advantage for a pregnancy announcement, and the results are as sweet as can be.
Katharine and Kris Camilli planned to share their pregnancy news with close friends and family members in a memorable way. They wanted to share the news in person, and they decided they were going to preserve everyone’s reactions, which they did in a totally genius way. They tricked their family members into thinking they were posing for a photo — instead, they recorded a video, capturing their sweet and surprised reactions when they announced they were expecting a baby.

Those close to the couple posed for what they thought were simple photographs, but the person behind the camera started recording a video as the unsuspecting group broke into big smiles. Instead of being asked to say cheese, they were instructed to say, “Kat’s pregnant!” What follows is seriously cute — confusion, surprise and a few folks uncertainly echoing, “Kat’s pregnant!” before they realize that, hey, Kat might really be pregnant.

Adorable pandemonium ensues as Kat and Kris are embraced, and their family members cry, congratulate and squeal. What an amazing memory their family will always have, being able to look back on how happy everyone was to find out that a new baby was on the way.

I honestly can’t decide who is my favorite, but the guy at the end probably made me choke up the most. He is so excited as he runs over to Kat, who is the one taking the video. His reaction is so sweet and priceless — you definitely want to watch until the very end.

Well done, Camillis.

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