Mom's Must-haves: Kids' vitamins to help stay healthy through the holidays

Nov 14, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. ET

This week Mom's Must-haves is all about coming down from the candy high and staying healthy as the holidays hit full gear. These vitamins and supplements for kids are so yummy you'll find yourself sneaking them after the kids go to bed.

Animal Parade Tooth Fairy: No one likes cavities

tooth vitamins for kids

My kids brush their teeth way more regularly now that I got them cool light-up toothbrushes. But I'm still concerned about their oral health — especially because I have bad enamel. A friend recommended Nature's Way Animal Parade Tooth Fairy vitamins for a supplement that promotes healthy teeth and includes a probiotic. They taste eerily similar to those chalky Fun Dip candy sticks. (, $20)

Bio-K+: Live probiotics have never tasted so good

probiotics for kids

I'm obsessed with probiotics. I don't know if they're magical or if they really do anything wonderful, but I do know my doctor and my kids' doctor both recommend them, especially if any of us has been on antibiotics. My kindergartener has a tendency to pick up stomach bugs like it's his job, and I always put him on a gentle probiotic to help nourish his intestinal tract afterward. He loves Bio-K+. I share one with him so he gets the kid dose and I finish the rest. His verdict? "This tastes like drinking the bestest yogurt."

Rainbow Light Gummy Power Sours: Are we sure these aren't actually candy?

gummy vitamins for kids

Confession: These are kids' vitamins, but I've been eating them every day. I don't even care if they're good for me! They don't have any weird vitamin aftertaste. They just taste like awesome sour gummies. That aside, I love that they're in individual packages, because it makes them easy to hand out to the kids on the go, and it's easy to travel with them. At this time of year, I look for a kids' multivitamin with extra vitamin C to help combat rampant germs. So I also love that these have that nice immune system boost. (Rainbow Light, $15)

The writer received the Rainbow Light Gummy Power Sours and Bio-K+ from the respective brands so she could try out the products. All opinions expressed in the article are based on the reviewer's own assessments of the products.

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