Day care worker discovers drugs hidden in toddler’s diaper

I’m the first to admit that day care workers and teachers have incredibly hard jobs. They have chosen to devote their lives to dealing with our kids for a minimum of 40 hours a week. One day care worker’s discovery in a 1-year-old’s diaper falls into the “I don’t get paid enough for this” category.

During a routine diaper change of a 1-year-old girl, a Michigan day care worker discovered a small bag of marijuana. This responsible day care worker did what any other childcare employee would do in the same situation: No, she did not keep the drugs as a bonus gift for herself. She called the police.

According to the day care worker, the toddler arrived to the center wearing a clean diaper. The day care employee believes that the diaper did not contain marijuana at that time. The bag of marijuana may have fallen into the child’s diaper when it was changed at the day care later in the morning. At the time of the incident report, police did not have any suspects and were trying to contact the girl’s mother.

Yes, this is an incredibly weird situation. Initially, you would think that this toddler’s parents were using their kid as a drug mule, but all signs point to the random placement of drugs during day care hours.

What does it mean? The whole thing sounds like an accident, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it an honest mistake. I’ve changed many diapers in my day. I am still changing two toddlers’ diapers on the regular until we master potty training at my house (fingers crossed).

Let me make a few important points about diaper changes. There has not been one time in the history of ever where my kids have sat like angels and allowed their diapers to be changed. They normally kick and thrash and wrap one of their legs around my arm as leverage to kick up higher on my body.

I’m not sure how diaper changing goes down at day care, but it seems entirely suspect that a bag of pot would just “fall” inside of a diaper during a diaper change. Pot in a toddler’s diaper is not accidental. If drugs ever showed up in my child’s diaper at day care, I would be livid.

Not to mention the fact that a diaper is a terrible place to keep your stash.

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