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Dollar Store owner blames wrist-cutting princess wand image on parents

The Dollar Store has never been accused of being a highbrow establishment, but this time they’ve taken their bargain-basement attitude a little too far. One entitled Dollar Store owner blames the discovery of a graphic hidden image sold in a toddler’s toy on a parent — for buying the product in the first place.

In order for you to understand the absurdity of this situation, let’s break it down step by step. Nicole Allen, a mother from Dayton, Ohio, innocently purchased a cheap princess wand for her 2-year-old daughter from a local Dollar Store. At this point, I’m sure you’re with me. This is something that every parent has done many times — purchased inexpensive crap to tide your kids over until they get bored and move on to the next toy.

So far, so good. Then, Allen’s young daughter did what all toddlers are prone to do. She started to play with her new toy and peeled back the foil on the wand. The hidden image found beneath the foil was disturbing and outrageous. It depicted a demonic-looking young girl slicing her wrist with a knife.

When Allen complained about the unknowingly sadistic children’s toy that she purchased for her young daughter, she was met with a strange response from Dollar Store owner Amar Moustafa. Moustafa clearly never embraced the business school of thought that the customer is always right. He responded defensively to the horrified mother, claiming that the creepy toy purchase was all her fault. This mother should have known better, Moustafa says, since the toddler’s wand was advertised as an “evil stick.”

Alrighty then. The public is split on the content of this toy and how it was handled by the store owner. Kelly Conaboy of Gawker is pro-creepy demon toy, just not for children. Conaboy says she would love to get her hot little hands on this weird toy for herself.

Lisa Fogarty of The Stir points out a bigger problem in the evil children’s toy: Self-harm isn’t funny. As Fogarty says, “Self-harm is categorized as an actual psychological disorder and should be taken as seriously as any other.”

I’ll just point out the obvious: This Dollar Store owner sucks at customer service. Allen has every right to be upset about the toy she was sold and how she was treated. Moustafa claims that he will remove the toy from his Dollar Store if any more parents complain, which I assume means: If any more parents are dumb enough to buy an evil toy and express concern about the clearly labeled product they bought.

No matter how you try to church it up, this toy wand is disturbing and inappropriate for young kids. Yes, it is the Dollar Store, but when I spend a crisp dollar on a crap toy, I would like assurance that it isn’t going to traumatize my kid.

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