7 Times your kids make you feel like Miss Hannigan

Being a mom is tough stuff. To make it worse, kids don’t usually accept chores and direction with a smile, do they? In fact, they’re pretty good at making you feel like the worst mom ever — you know, because you’d like to see your floor. Here are a few of the moments that make you feel a little too much like Miss Hannigan for comfort.

When you ask your kids to clean up their room

Pout kid

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Cue the overdramatic eye rolls and “But Moooooom” objections. Seriously, you’d think you actually asked them to scrub the floors with a toothbrush or something. Is it really so much to ask that they tidy their room just enough to make it believable you weren’t burgled last night? You half expect them to break into “It’s a Hard Knock Life.”

When you ask your kids to brush their teeth


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First you tell them it’s time to go to bed and then you ask them to brush their teeth on top of that? Is there any end to the unfair demands you make?

When you ask them to pick up their toys after playtime

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Judging by the exasperation on their faces, it must be totally unreasonable to ask your kids to pick up the minefield of toys littering the living room.

When breakfast is old-fashioned oatmeal

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They’ll like it, you say. Just give it a try, you say. Alas, your attempts to be the kind of paleo mom who feeds her kids a totally clean breakfast are foiled by the stares of disdain on your kids’ faces. As far as they are concerned, you’re serving them hot mush.

When you take them to get a haircut

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The horror! The cruelty! Clearly, you are a dark overlord and the barber is your minion. Whatever it is he wants to do to your child’s head is an unholy act. Or, if you believe the screaming and tears that inevitably ensue when that child is a toddler, it is pure torture. You’re a mean, mean momma.

When you try to give them medicine

No Kid

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Obviously you do not have their best interest at heart and this is simply another ploy to ruin their life.

When you drop them off anywhere and expect a sweet goodbye

No kid

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We’d love nothing more than an emotional exchange in which our babies give us the kind of sweet, smothery kisses they used to offer up so willingly. But we’d settle for a hug around the neck and an “I love you, Mom.” In your kids’ minds? You’re totally pulling a tyrannical (not to mention embarrassing) “I love you, Miss Hannigan” moment.

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