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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar prove you don’t get 19 kids by hugging

The Duggars don’t teach sex ed, you say?

Admit it — you’re morbidly curious about the Duggars’ intimate lives just as much as the next slightly uncomfortable person.

How do Jim Bob and Michelle find time to make all those kids? Does Michelle find Jim Bob dead sexy? Is it because he has a name like Jim Bob? What kind of wifely advice did Michelle impart upon her newly married daughters before their weddings about the relations between man and wife? How long did it take for the Duggar daughters to figure out how sex works?

Well, judging from the state of affairs on Instagram, Jessa, the fifth in line of the Duggar clan, and the second Duggar daughter to wed, is a fast learner — and it all may be due to Mom and Pop’s example.

First, there was this steamy picture that the newlywed Jessa, 22, posted on her Instagram after her wedding:

jessa kiss after wedding

Photo credit: jessaseewald

I admit that when I first scrolled through the Instagram (yes, I’m a follower, OK? I call it part of the job…), I did a double take. It was quite an intimate shot from a girl who refused to even kiss her husband until her wedding day. To go from barely any physical contact to locking lips for the world to see is quite the transformation; it can’t be denied. Love them or hate them, it would appear that the Duggars are making quite the statement about married sex — you don’t get 19 kids by hugging, let’s be honest. Plus, I was a little jealous. I would look ridiculous if I tried to post a picture like that. How’d she pull that kind of kissing selfie off so seamlessly?

Turns out, it runs in the family. This weekend, Mom and Pop Duggar themselves released their own version of the inside peek at the inner workings of the intimacy of marriage with this pic:

duggar parents steamy kiss

Photo credit: jessaseewald

I couldn’t help but LOL when I saw the pic. Who would have guessed that Jim Bob and Michelle could poke a little lighthearted fun at their daughter with an embarrassing display of very public affection?

And in light of the newest gossip going around that Jessa and her new hubby, Ben Seewald, got a little frisky at their wedding — while still in the church — who knows what the Duggar matriarch and patriarch will have to say about their daughter’s love life. Maybe a passionate church selfie will be next?

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