48 Ways to have a blast with your kids over winter break

Winter break goes by in a flash. Don’t waste the whole thing sitting on the couch and watching the snow fall. Use the time to have some fun with your kids! We’ve taken the hard part out by rounding up a massive list of activities. Choose a few of your favorite, or start at the top and see how far you can work your way down.

  1. Go sledding. How many of you can all pile onto one sled?
  2. Build an igloo. And when you’re done, use it to…
  3. Have a snowball fight. And don’t let them win!
  4. Make hot chocolate, but not the boring stuff. Here are our ideas for spicing it up.
  5. Take a hike. The forest is breathtaking when it’s covered in snow.
  6. Have a family game night — more than once.
  7. Bake cookies. And brownies. And whatever else their hearts desire. Don’t forget to decorate them!
  8. Deliver your freshly baked goodies to friends, family and neighbors.
  9. Make snow angels. When was the last time you laid down in a pile of snow? Do it.
  10. Make paper snowflakes and use them to decorate your house.
  11. Go ice skating. No frozen pond nearby? Hit up the closest rink.
  12. Build a snowman. And don’t skimp on the accessories.
  13. Go on a winter picnic. Pack lots of warm soups and drinks!
  14. If it’s too cold outside, have a picnic in your living room.
  15. Visit Santa at the mall and take a family picture. Even if the kids are too big.
  16. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  17. Make homemade ornaments for your tree.
  18. Build a castle in the snow. Those beach toys don’t just work in the sand.
  19. Do an outdoor photo shoot. Who can take the best nature shot?
  20. Read books before bed every night. Make it two — no early mornings, right?
  21. Do a puzzle. Anything less than 1,000 pieces is cheating.
  22. Paint the snow. Mix water and food coloring in a spray bottle and create some art as a family.
  23. Build a winter bonfire — and don’t forget the fixin’s for s’mores.
  24. Make your own holiday cards and mail them.
  25. Watch a holiday parade, and help your kids chase the candy.
  26. Make popcorn. Skip the microwave stuff and make it on the stove.
  27. Go driving around to see Christmas lights. Vote for your favorites.
  28. Have a movie marathon. Your family, the couch and a day of Christmas movies.
  29. Better yet, go to a movie theater. On Christmas. Or the day after. Or whenever! Annie comes out Dec. 19.
  30. Spend an entire day in your pajamas. Bonus points if they all match.
  31. Make a gingerbread house. See who can go the longest without eating it.
  32. Shovel the snow — at your neighbor’s house.
  33. Make a pizza. Even better if it looks like a snowman.
  34. Buy a toy to donate. Shoe them how good it feels to give.
  35. Hang Christmas lights. Inside your house.
  36. Write a letter to a soldier.
  37. Visit a museum. Let the kids pick which one it is.
  38. Have a wrapping party. No reason you should do it all yourself, right?
  39. Write letters to Santa.
  40. Volunteer. Anywhere. Show your kids what just a few hours of giving can do.
  41. Break out the video games. This time, you can play, too.
  42. Split off to different rooms and make gifts for each other. No peeking until Christmas!
  43. Make your own bird feeders and hang them outside. Birds need them most in the winter!
  44. Make snow ice cream. We promise it’s good.
  45. Put on a puppet show. But first, make your own puppets.
  46. Build a fort in your living room. Stay there all day.
  47. Blow bubbles. It’s so much better when it’s cold outside.
  48. Make a family resolution. Start the new year off right.
What did we miss? If you have something you love to do with the kids every winter vacation, let us know in the comments!

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