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Britax car seats pose possible safety risk (VIDEO)

Consumer Reports says that two Britax car seat models might come from the store with a problem that could render them less safe in a car accident. Do you have one of these car seats?

Some Britax Boulevard ClicktTight and Marathon ClickTight car seats may be shipped out with a problem, recently identified by Consumer Reports. They purchased one of each seat and found that both had an issue with their harness straps — namely, they weren’t completely secured to the lower anchor. The loops were positioned over the hooks, but they were found to not be fully engaged on either one or both sides. While the other points were secured normally, they caution that the unsecured point might pose a safety risk in the event of an accident as the loop could be pulled through.

The good news? Britax has an option on the ClickTight models that can specifically address this issue. These seats were designed to be easily adjustable by parents, which makes fixing this problem a breeze.

What do parents need to do? Britax released the following statement to Consumer Reports when contacted: “Prior to using the seat, ensure that the harness straps are securely connected to the anchors inside the hook.” If you have one of these seats, visit the Britax website for instructions on how to adjust the harness. Photos accompany the instructions, and there are also helpful videos.

If you’re not sure you’ve done it correctly, don’t hesitate to take it to a car seat installation professional to check it out.

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