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Middle-aged mom of 6 sets women’s world record in beer run

Who says the fun has to end when you become a parent? Chris Kimbrough is one powerhouse mom who is an inspiration to us all. This 44-year-old mother of six set a new Beer Mile world record — while only breaking a little sweat.
I love this woman. In order to blast through the Beer Mile and set a new world record, Kimbrough ran four laps and drank four beers in 6:28.6. Kimbrough beat out the previous women’s record holder, Seanna Robinson, who completed the race at 6:42.0 in 1997.

Dang, girl. So what was Kimbrough doing running around and drinking beer and setting new world records? The beer mile trend started years ago in Canada in 1989. Back then, it was unsurprisingly popular among college guys. But in the past few years, the Beer Mile has picked up speed. The first Beer Mile World Championship is scheduled to take place this year in Austin, Texas, on Dec. 3, 2014. More race info and rules can be found at

But back to this badass mom. (Did I mention that I love her?) Kimbrough considered the Beer Mile after hearing about the World Championship in her hometown of Austin. She was already a seasoned runner with several national championships under her belt. Members of her Rogue Racing Team urged her to try the Beer Mile next.

Kimbrough’s version of giving the Beer Mile a try involved setting a new women’s world record. Kimbrough plans to train for the World Championship in Austin with one specific focus on her area of weakness: drinking beer. Compared to the men’s Beer Mile world record holder, James Nielsen, who chugged his brews at 30 seconds, Kimbrough’s drinking clocked in at only 72 seconds.

Man, I wish I had her problems, and I also wish I was half the mom she is. Training to shave down your beer-drinking time is a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it. According to Kimbrough, the beer drinking was actually harder than the running portion of the race.

She said, “The run part wasn’t that hard for me. The last two [beers] were harder to get down because I felt like there was this air there, so it wasn’t going down.”

Kimbrough reveals that she won’t be able to train (i.e., drink) as much as she would like since she has six kids, after all. But still. In my mind, this mom deserves all the accolades for keeping up her fitness, breaking world records and especially not losing her fun side after having half a dozen babies.

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