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GoldieBlox changes things up with new action figure for girls (VIDEO)

GoldieBlox, an engineering-based toy company marketed toward girls, has had one simple message since its inception: Disrupt the pink aisle. The company, founded by mechanical engineer Debbie Sterling, draws on combining engaging stories with hands-on construction sets in order to offer a different choice for girls beyond the stereotypically pink- and princess-saturated toy section. And now they’re out with a new toy that they feel does exactly that.

The goal behind GoldieBlox is to get more young girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), in hopes of increasing the participation of women in those fields, where they are currently significantly outnumbered by men. GoldieBlox attempts to shake things up, offering products that both appeal to young girls while also fostering skills that many girl-centric toys lack, like spatial development. The company has relied on music videos featuring young girls and catchy songs, which unfortunately caused a stir last year when they used the Beastie Boys’ hit, “Girls,” without the band’s permission.

However, GoldieBlox is back with a new video and a brand new product: an action figure for girls. Not only does “GoldieBlox vs. the Big Sister Machine” disrupt the pink aisle, but it sends the message that young girls are more than living dolls. According to GoldieBlox, “girls who play with fashion dolls see fewer career options for themselves than boys.” Their video — which shows hammer-wielding “Little Sister” disrupting the pink and “perfect” status quo of the princess assembly line — hopes to change that way of thinking by offering a new type of doll, one that offers young girls more options when it comes to toys.

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