26 Kids who really hate Santa Claus

Dec 10, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Becky Rockwood/iStock/360/Getty Images

Nothing says 'holiday cheer' like babies and toddlers screaming at Santa Claus.

It's OK, kids, I think Santa is a little frightening, too.

1. Escape attempt

girl escaping Santa

She's so close to getting away.

Image: Unsafebet

2. Double the Santa hate

scared child with Santa

2009 Santa panic. Somehow it's timeless.

Image: Bekki Lyon

3. Guilty Santa

kid with santa

Image: USAG Humphreys/Flickr

Is it just me or does Santa look like he feels bad for scaring this kid?

4. Terrified toddler

toddler hates santa

No, she isn't going to smile for the camera.

Image: Sky Croswell

5. Vintage Santa tantrum

vintage santa terror

Image: Greis

Reaching for Mom in terror since 1980.

6. That does not tickle

older photo of Santa

Image: Laura

She developed an irrational fear of white gloves after that.

7. Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.

"My tiny little fingers are reaching for you to save me, Mom."

8. The action shot

This kid is clearly doing the tuck and lunge to get away by falling to the ground. Much safer than the guy with the beard.

9. A moment of uncertainty

Kid on the right isn't sure what's happening. Don't worry, Mom, he will quickly take a cue from the kid on the left.

10. Santa is so excited, though!

At least the older kid looks relatively smug.

11. Now that's just sad

The quiet, quivering lips fill my heart with sadness.

12. Like a prayer

This child is literally praying it will all be over soon.

13. I don't like baby Santa!

She's crying because Santa is clearly a 13-year-old boy.

14. Pajama Santa is no fun

He wants away from Santa's ornament-themed camouflage pajama set.

15. Make it stop

"Get this kid off of me." — Santa

16. Happy Holi-no!

toddler crying on santa

Image: Colbalt123/Flickr

Dad had to intervene in this crisis situation.

17. They'll never know we're fake sleeping

"Maybe if we pretend to pass out, our Mom will whisk us away from here. Far, far away."

18. Are you wearing a bow, Santa?

Old men should not wear bows, or anything that looks like a bow. That's downright frightening.

19. Santa looks spent

The little half-smile tells us that Santa is about done with these kids.

20. A full-fledged panic attack

With the little shaking hands and everything. Ack.

21. Santa's real beard is just too much

I'm with you, kid. I prefer when Santa sports a fake beard.

22. Double trouble

kids with santa claus

Image: Peter Dutton/Flickr

Neither of these adorable little girls are having it.

23. Maybe she's just yawning?

You know, with the camera blur, she might just be laughing or yawning. We'll go with that.

24. Don't you recognize him?

Photo caption tells us that Santa is actually his granddad. Get in the game, child.

25. I see a family portrait

Maybe just Photoshop that kid in the middle, though.

26. What kind of Mom allows this to happen?

Photo Credit: Mary McCoy

Oh, wait. That's my kid. #MomOfTheYear

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