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These kids are way better at self-esteem than you are (VIDEO)

I could give you an encyclopedia-size list of everything I hate about my body and face. I think a lot of you could about yourselves as well. These little kids are here to remind us that we are perfect just the way we are. Even if we don’t have a mermaid’s tail.

Growing up, there comes a time when we all stop thinking we are lovely and awesome and perfect just as we are. I’m not sure when exactly this tragic moment happens, but I have never seen a 4-year-old bemoan the fact that their ears are too big. Or complain about their forehead size. Kids are magic in this way — they believe they are beautiful and perfect and amazing, even though they wish they had a mouth as big as a shark so they could eat more things.

I love so many things about this video: how the filmmakers included men as well as women, how powerful and unself-conscious these kids are, how it’s just a happy reminder that we all should try to love ourselves a little bit more just the way we are. Your 4-year-old self was right — all you need to be happy is a mermaid tail.

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