What do marijuana and your baby have in common?

Hey parents, if you really want to upset all of your super judgmental neighbors this Halloween, just shove your baby into this boo boo bama outfit and watch CPS show up on your doorstep.

This costume, I can’t even with this. I think I’m going to go hide under my bed until Halloween is over. No offense to any parents who spark it or anything, because I would be a total dope head if it wasn’t illegal in my state and I didn’t hate how it made me feel and I didn’t hate the fact that it makes me eat all the cake, but I just can’t even with this costume.

I mean, I guess your baby could wear it after Halloween when you follow Phish on tour or something? And of course it would be excellent for upsetting every other member at Mommy & Me class when they have their Halloween party. Listen you pot-smoking parents, you do you and I’ll be over here not calling CPS on you because it’s not my business, but I can pretty much promise if you dress your baby in this that someone will.

pot baby costume

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