15 Hilarious Halloween Pinterest FAILS

Oct 30, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Image: Ruth Hornby Photography/Moment/Getty Images

If there's one thing I love, it's wasting hours of my life browsing Instagram for all the classic Pinterest fails.

One click on the famous hashtag, and I am transported into a world of moms just like me — moms who are seduced by the glitz and glamour of Pinterest, taken in by the "super-easy DIY" that promises crafting made simple for even the most craft-challenged among us but inspired to take on a project that will delight our children for years to come.

Of course, things never go as Pinterest promises, and this Halloween, we can all appreciate the hard work of these parents who definitely #nailedit with a few holiday favorites.

The spider cookies

Spider cookies | Sheknows.com

#pinterestfail #nailedit lololololol spider cookies
Photo credit: veronicabagwell

The pumpkin roll

The pumpkin roll | Sheknows.com

Pumpkin roll attempt. Recipe vs real life #nailedit #pinterestfail
Photo credit: marcella_umbrella

The jello worms

The jello worms | Sheknows.com

Welp. #pinterestfail #nailedit
Photo credit: ritamcarroll

The mummy dogs

The mummy dogs | Sheknows.com

Freaking Pinterest gets me every dang time. So much for the mummy hot dogs. #pinterestfail #didnteventastegood #nevergiveup #pinterest
Photo credit: 90percentmom

The ghost bananas

The ghost bananas | Sheknows.com

Haha @danibopper had a lovely #PinterestFail tonight, chocolate covered banana ghosts for pumpkin carving tomorrow! I'm sure they still taste awesome.
Photo credit: onelog

The bloody finger cookies

The bloody finger cookies | Sheknows.com

bloody finger cookies that look more like bloody cut off penis cookies. wtf, I never #pinterestfail! what's wrong with me!?
Photo credit: michellethebarbarian

The Frankenburrito

The Frankenburrito | Sheknows.com

Frankenstein burrito Pinterest fail, close up. #pinterestfail #closeup #halloween #food
Photo credit: twokidsandababy

The webbed nail

The webbed nail | Sheknows.com

Nailed it. #PinterestFail #HalloweenNails #photo365 #day27
Photo credit: abowersox

The pumpkin tarts

The pumpkin tarts | Sheknows.com

They kind of look the same... Right? #pinterestfail
Photo credit: nikkiberb

The monster cookie

The monster cookie | Sheknows.com

Attempt at #pinterest #pinterestfail #halloween #cookies @cxryder #lol #crafty
Photo credit: reesebeardieoftheday

The ghost pops

The bat truffles

The ghost pretzels

The Spider-man candy apples

The skeleton cupcakes

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