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12 Women scandalously breastfeeding without a cover

When a woman’s right to breastfeed in public is infringed, women come out of the woodwork to point out that Mom could have simply used a cover and avoided all the drama. It never fails.

Sometimes it’s worse than that. Women will outright call other women obscene, immodest, attention-seeking.

comment about breastfeeding

comment about breastfeeding

comment about breastfeeding

It’s such a bizarrely aggressive way to respond to the concept of nursing in public. Were these women wronged by boobs in a past life?

Why would you want to make a mother feel ashamed for doing something natural? Honestly. Please break it down. I’d love to hear exactly why it’s so important to make sure moms know they’re doing something wrong by not conforming to your concepts of modesty.

cone of shame

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If you’re still asking why moms can’t just use a cover, then you need to ask yourself why you’re so hung up on this. All moms have the right to nurse their babies where they want to nurse their babies, with or without a cover. It’s so much easier to look away. It’s so much kinder and so much more compassionate to look away.

Stop telling moms to go feed their babies somewhere modest. Stop telling them to feed their babies in the bathroom. Stop shutting down the “it’s natural” defense by making comparisons between breastfeeding and peeing, shitting, having sex or airing out your vagina because you have a yeast infection.

comment about breastfeeding

(Yeah, that happened.)

Next time you accuse a nursing mom of not having consideration for others, consider that she’s just feeding her baby. You don’t know her. You don’t know anything about her life or her motivations beyond the fact that her infant is hungry and needs food.

Also? You’d probably need a magnifying glass to make out a shred of boob flesh. These 12 women demonstrate that breastfeeding without a cover isn’t the scandalous Girl’s Gone Wild titty-fest the pearl-clutching, judgmental buttholes of the Mommy Wars make it out to be.

So scandalous…

woman nursing her baby

Photo credit: Courtney R.

Ugh, gross…

mom with glasses nursing a baby

Photo credit: Maria Mora

Have some consideration…

tattooed mom nursing

Photo credit: Monica B.

Can’t you find a bathroom?

black and white photo of breastfeeding mom

Photo credit: Stephanie P by Casey Mullins Coombs

Nobody wants to see that…

mom breastfeeding

Photo credit: Janelle H.

That’s what breastfeeding capes are for…

portrait of nursing mom

Photo credit: Rebecca B. by People, Places and Things Photography

Stop flashing everyone

breastfeeding infant

Photo credit: Tracey S.

Just pump and bring a bottle…

mom nursing at soccer game

Photo credit: Lovelyn P.

What am I supposed to tell my kids?

woman nursing outdoors

Photo credit: Crystal T.

That should be done in private…

mom nursing on couch

Photo credit: Danielle T.


mom nursing at home

Photo credit: Noemi M.


mom nursing twins

Photo credit: Jenny K.

Unless a stranger literally squirted you in the eye with her breast milk, stop acting like moms who breastfeed in public are ruining everything for everyone else. It makes you sound unhinged.

lot of feelings

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