Dressing in Ebola costumes isn’t just irresponsible, it’s disgusting

Halloween is in a few days and I’ve seen a lot of questionable Halloween costumes at the stores. Costumes that make me recoil in disgust and shake my head wondering how the heck I’m going to explain them to my children.


t Not only are they short and sexy but also morally ambiguous. There seems to be a new one each year, and this year’s worst has to be the “sexy” Ebola containment suits.

t It seems that under the guise of Halloween fun everything is fair game to be mocked and made “sexy,” even dead serious illnesses like Ebola, which has killed nearly 5,000 people worldwide. As if I’m not conflicted enough about taking my children door-to-door begging for treats after I’ve spent their entire young lives warning them not to talk to strangers, now I have to explain that the grown-ups they see walking around half naked as “sexy” Ebola patients in skimpy containment suits are not actually sick with Ebola, but sick in the head. As if anyone who is worried about contracting a potentially fatal virus would be caught dead so exposed.


t People dressed in Ebola HAZMAT outfits, or as “sexy” Ebola patients are definitely in poor taste, especially considering that the Ebola crisis has not yet been contained. I mean would we have tolerated people dressed as AIDS victims in the ’80s? Why would anyone think it’s okay to make fun of a deadly virus? These costumes take insensitive to a new level of low.

t Halloween costumes tend to push the envelope for shock value, but I think this is actually dangerous because it’s sending the message to our children that Ebola is not serious. I certainly don’t want to freak my kids out about Ebola, but I do want them to take it seriously and be cautious. Ebola is anything but a joke.

t If you haven’t looked at the stats recently, the number of people inflicted with the Ebola virus isn’t waning. According to the Centers for Disease and Control, there have been 10,141 cases of Ebola this year, and 4,922 deaths. And who knows how many people have died alone and gone unreported?

tSexy Ebola costumes and containment suits will send one of two messages to our children. Either they should be terrified, covered head to toe every time they leave the house. Or, Ebola is a joke. Not to be taken seriously.

t These costumes are sick and twisted and the farthest thing from funny I have ever seen. For adults to dress in something so heinous is irresponsible and disgusting.

t What do you think of people wearing Ebola costumes this Halloween?

tPhoto credit: Maartje van Caspel/Getty Images and Brandsonsale.com


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