Holderness family stars in Halloween ‘Gin and Juice’ parody (VIDEO)

Who understands the plight of the parent on Halloween better than the famous Holderness family of the viral “Christmas Jammies” YouTube hit? This clever family brings us more holiday fun with a “Gin and Juice” Halloween parody, perfect for all of us parents who made it through the ’90s in one piece.
In what has been called the ultimate Halloween parody, the Holderness family of North Carolina drops a beat as they cover the Halloween woes that plague every parent. “Kin and Moose”‘ pokes fun at gratuitously sexy costumes, the “Frozen” costume obsession of 2014 and annoying neighborhood block parties that result from Halloween falling on a Friday this year.

“With my mind on my candy and my candy on my mind” is surprisingly catchy, especially if you were a Snoop Dogg fan in a past life. Also, the Hammer dance performed by both parents is a nice touch.

Hilarious viral videos like this make me feel better about my inevitable parental uncoolness that is creeping up on me year after year. In my mind, I’m still a badass teen listening to “Gin and Juice” in my Saturn on the way to high school. (Please don’t tell me that Snoop Dogg’s 1994 “Gin and Juice” was really 20 years ago!) 

In reality, I’m just like every other parent in my age group who still thinks an MC Hammer costume is a hilarious idea. In just a few years, my kids will be old enough to say, “Mom! You’re embarrassing me.”

Halloween fun is in the air — it just looks different when you’re a parent. Take a moment to check out another win by the viral holiday family that everyone can’t get enough of. I guarantee “Kin and Moose” will be stuck in your head all week.

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