14 Kids who are hoping Ebola in NYC will keep them out of school

Ebola has hit NYC, and it’s sending ripples of fear. Are students panicking? Well, not exactly.

Unlike parents, students don’t seem as concerned with the threat of Ebola. In fact, these 15 students on Twitter are crossing their fingers that the Ebola virus will shut down school.

“I’m not even mad”

I'm not even mad at Ebola

“Thanks for the great excuse”

great excuse ebola

“I hope I get Ebola”

I hope I get ebola

“I’m not going to school anymore”

ebola is in NYC

“I shouldn’t have to go to school”

shouldn't have to go to school

“I hope I have Ebola and give it to everyone”

I hope I have ebola

“Kill the people at school pls”

Ebola come to Jersey tweet

“Can someone give me Ebola”

someone give me Ebola

“Rather get Ebola”

rather get ebola

“Does that mean I don’t have to go to school?”

ebola is in new york now

“Give me Ebola”

give me abola

“Someone bring Ebola to my school”

bring ebola to school

“School is still the worst virus”

school is the worst virus

“I don’t have to go to school forever”

no school forever

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