4 Thanksgiving Crafts That Are So Simple to Make

It’s happened to so many of us: You start a project on Pinterest that has “easy” in the title only to find out three hours in that it’s about as easy as herding cats. This process often ruins our faith in DIYs and crushes all our crafting dreams. But no more.

I am a notoriously bad crafter. So bad, in fact, that when my daughter asked me to make her a homemade Halloween costume last month, my husband laughed so hard soda came out his nose. I love the idea of creating a gorgeous Thanksgiving table loaded with homemade decorations, but the reality is my creations turn out looking more like abstract art than Pottery Barn.

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However, I enjoy the process of crafting, and my kids love it too. That’s why I went out on the hunt for some easy Thanksgiving crafts even the least talented among us can create at home. If you’re the type of person who’s likely to hot-glue your face to something by accident, these are the crafts for you.

Thanksgiving table runner for the kids’ table

Homemade table runner | Sheknows.com
Image: Shop Ruche

Create a cute homemade table runner using a length of burlap, linen or muslin, some paint and paintbrushes. It couldn’t be easier. The original instructions are for polka dots, but depending on your level of artistic skill, you could do small pumpkins or even get crazy and use a shaped sponge. I think it’s cute enough for the grown-ups’ table too.

Apple candles

Apple candles | Sheknows.com
Image: WikiHow

Another way to spruce up your holiday table, these apple candles are super-simple to make. Just core partway through an apple and place a small votive inside. Pile (carefully) in a pretty bowl, and you have a sweet homemade centerpiece.

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Turkey Thanksgiving card

Turkey Thanksgiving Card | Sheknows.com
Image: My Paper Crane

This sweet craft from My Paper Crane kills two, um, turkeys, with one stone. It can serve as both a holiday card and a cute table decoration. Just trace your child’s hand next to your own and decorate using markers. It would be cute to add what your family members are thankful for on the “feathers” here. If you’re missing family members who are celebrating in other places, make it earlier in the month and pop it in the mail for a lovely holiday card.

Gumdrop turkey

Gumdrop Turkey | Sheknows.com
Image: Spearmint Baby

What’s not to love about an edible craft? This is so easy a baby could do it. Well, maybe not a baby. But the best part of this craft from Spearmint Baby is that there is no glue involved at all. Just get some marshmallows, gumdrops, gummy worms and some toothpicks and get to work. Later, after the dishes are done, you’re allowed to steal a couple of gumdrop limbs to eat in secret.

Originally published November 2014. Updated November 2017.