Woman arrested after horrific discovery of dead babies in a locker

A routine storage unit cleanout in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), revealed a disturbing sight. Employees found a dead baby, and then more and more — until a half dozen were discovered.

The grisly discovery was made by U-Haul employees after the unit’s owner stopped paying rent. When a unit goes unpaid, it is typically auctioned off or simply cleaned out and the contents trashed. The workers were in the process of cleaning out the unit when they found the remains of what they initially thought were three or four deceased infants. Authorities later upped the amount to a total of six, and Andrea Giesbrecht, 40, was soon after arrested on six counts of concealing the body of a child.

More investigation is needed before several things can be determined. First, experts need to assess via autopsy the ages of the babies and the manner of death — were they stillborn, or did they die after birth? If the latter, then how? They will also have to do a DNA analysis to see if Giesbrecht is the mother to each one of the babies.

Once the results are in, additional units may become involved. Right now, the child abuse unit is investigating, but depending on what is discovered, homicide may become involved.

These stories are always horrifying to contemplate. You have to wonder what was going through this woman’s mind if she was the one who birthed these babies. Did she abandon their stillborn bodies? Or darker yet, did she leave them to die in the storage unit or dispatch them another way? And if they aren’t her children, then that paints an even bleaker picture (however, preliminary reports indicate there are no missing infants in the area).

Police say there’s no reports of missing infants. Officers don’t appear to know where the 6 bodies came from #cbcmb

— Caroline Barghout (@cbarghout) October 22, 2014

More information will be coming out in the next week or so, but I suppose the good news is that they finally discovered the infants and locked this person up.

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