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Mom leads cops on a high-speed chase with her baby in the car

It’s never a good idea to lead the cops on a high-speed chase. It’s an even more terrible idea when you lead the cops on a high speed chase with a 1-year-old baby in the van.

33-year-old Georgia mom Jamila Jones had her 1-year-old son and the father of the child in the van with her when she fled both New Mexico and Texas State Police. New Mexico State Police reported her driving as fast as 120 mph in a van.

New Mexico State Police enlisted the help of Texas officers, who joined in the chase as Jones raced toward the state line. Eventually, officers were able to stop her using tire-deflation devices made specifically for high-speed pursuits.

Ramses Copeland, the father of her son, was released along with the child after reporting to officers that he asked Jones to stop for the pursuing police. After putting her son in immense danger by driving at reckless speeds to evade the police, Jones has been charged with child abuse. She also faces charges for fleeing law enforcement and possession of drug paraphernalia. She’s currently behind bars and will be charged in both New Mexico and Texas.

This ranks right up there with the Florida mom who hid her infant in the trunk of her car to try to avoid getting a ticket. When faced with arrest, it’s a parent’s duty to put the well being of a child above all instincts to flee. Jones didn’t have enough sense to drive even remotely safely with a baby in the car, and the child abuse charges are absolutely justified. It’s awful to see a family broken up, especially when young children are involved, but it sounds like Jones needs some major rehabilitation before she’s fit to care for her son. Hopefully Copeland is a capable parent. The little boy deserves love and care, especially after such a scary incident.

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