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There’s nothing feminist about forcing kids to drop F-bombs (NSFW)

I consider myself a feminist. A raging feminist. And although I appreciate the message in this video, the fact it is being used to hock T-shirts leaves me feeling creeped out.

It’s amazingly important that we raise our girls to believe that they are as equal to boys in every way. I believe in empowering girls, and teaching them all about feminism, and that equality is their basic human right. I’m all for that. But I can’t get behind the T-shirt company co-opting feminism to sell T-shirts.

I love swearing. I’m an expert at using the F-word at appropriate times. But I’m also an adult, and as “cute” as the idea is of little girls swearing like truckers it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As does the fact this ad is for a T-shirt company. Our girls don’t need the F-word to be feminists. And it’s not like these little princesses are coming up with it on their own, some adult wrote the script for them. They are just parroting what is being said, profanity and feminism and all. It makes a joke about what is the important message, that girls should be considered equal to boys, and wraps it up in the shock value of little kids swearing.

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