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10 Children awkwardly dressed as turkeys

I don’t know why these turkey children exist, but I’m glad they do.

Now excuse me while I make my own rendition for a mother-daughter turkey trot.

A fluffy turkey tummy


This little sweetie rocks the happy turkey baby look with class. Tell me — don’t you just want to tickle that perfect turkey tummy? (Spirit of Halloween, $55)

Head on a platter

turkey hat

Things start to take a turn here, since this sweet turkey hat is served on a platter, instead of, say, a mannequin. (Etsy, $19)

Big kids love turkeys, too

big kid costume

Photo Credit: Sally/Little Hiccups

Even big kids can gobble up the turkey theme, and they’re far more likely to stay in character than a dumb baby.

What is happening

tori spelling

Photo Credit: Tori Spelling/

I blame Tori Spelling for this terrible costume. No, seriously, this is Tori Spelling’s turkey baby. She’s not even gobbling with any conviction.

A onesie we can get behind

gobble gobble onesie

Photo Credit: Kedgie Veggie

Don’t you want to chase after this munchkin and her turkey tailfeathers? We can definitely get behind this cute little onesie and half-tutu costume.

Celebrities love turkey babies, apparently

jimmy fallon's baby

Photo Credit: JimmyFallon/Instagram

I can’t even blame Tori Spelling for this one, since this adorable celebrity turkey baby actually belongs to Jimmy Fallon.

So peaceful, though

Trueky shock |

Photo Credit: Littlestinker95/Instagram
Happy turkey day! #babyyoda #turkeycostume #socute!

Whether it’s his wide eyes or the peaceful way he holds his Thanksgiving sign with pudgy fingers, this turkey baby has clearly found his zen.

Classic turkey onesie


From the cartoon turkey face to the cute striped legwarmers, this understated turkey onesie is the stuff of Thanksgiving legend. My only real concern is the faux-hawk. (Etsy, $29)

A drooling turkey pilgrim

Turkey time |

Photo Credit: azmattic/Instagram
Got ice cream yesterday at #ekonkhillturkeyfarm #turkeybaby

OK, this turkey baby loses points for not actually resting his pudgy limbs inside the fleecy warmth of a turkey onesie. But he clearly gets bonus points for excitedly drooling, and topping it all off with a pilgrim hat.

And one for good measure

Turkey dog |

Photo Credit: lloww/Instagram
Rocco’s Halloween costume hehe #englishbulldog #Halloweencostume #trickortreat #October #mybully #bullyfamily #turkeycostume #bulldog #bully #bullytroops #ilovemyenglishbulldog #socute #nothappy #lovemybully #myboy

Confession: This dog is clearly not a turkey child, but he is amazing. And his presence here begs the question — do children or dogs make a more convincing turkey?

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