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Baby names inspired by Twin Peaks

It’s official: David Lynch and Mark Frost are bringing Twin Peaks back to the small screen. Nine new episodes will air on Showtime in early 2016. To welcome its return, we’ve compiled a list of Twin Peaks-inspired baby names for your little cult fan-to-be.

The FBI and DEA

  • Special Agent Dale Cooper is assigned to Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer. He’s a Buddhist who loves the paranormal.
  • Few would guess that the arrogant Albert Rosenfield, the forensics expert, has a deeply spiritual nature.
  • Agent Chester Desmond mysteriously disappears while investigating the murder of Teresa Banks. Agent Desmond is assisted by the too-serious forensics specialist Sam Stanley.
  • David Bowie portrays Phillip Jeffries, the disturbed FBI agent who disappears and reappears without warning or explanation.
  • Roger Hardy is the FBI’s internal affairs agent who temporarily suspends Cooper from the FBI.
  • Gordon Cole is the loud, hard-of-hearing regional bureau chief for the FBI.
  • Transgender DEA agent Bryson goes by Dennis and Denise. Bryson investigates drug allegations against Cooper.

The Palmer family

  • Laura Palmer, the murder victim, is the center of the Twin Peaks story.
  • Sarah Palmer is Laura’s mother. Attorney Leland Palmer is Laura’s father and a vessel for Killer Bob, a demonic entity who possesses humans to commit violent acts.
  • MadeleineMaddy” Ferguson is Laura’s doppelganger cousin. (Both Laura and Maddy are portrayed by actress Sheryl Lee.)

The Sheriff’s Department

  • Sheriff Harry S. Truman helps Cooper solve the Laura Palmer case. Truman (a cool first name, don’t you think?) is obsessed with Josie Packard.
  • Deputy Andy Brennan is Truman’s reliable, albeit dorky, sidekick. Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill, a Native American, has wicked tracking skills.
  • Lucy Moran is the receptionist for the sheriff’s department. Might Brennan be the father of her baby?

The Hayward family

Twin Peaks doctor WilliamWill” Hayward assists on the autopsy of Laura Palmer. He is married to wheelchair-bound Eileen, with whom he has three children: Donna (Laura’s best friend), Harriet and Gersten.

The Horne family

The well-to-do Horne family consists of Ben, his wife Sylvia, his brother Jerry, his daughter Audrey and his mentally handicapped son Johnny.

The Packard/Martell family

JocelynJosie” Packard, whose husband Andrew died, owns Twin Peaks’ sawmill. Her evil sister-in-law is Catherine Martell, who is married to Pete. It was Pete who found Laura Palmer’s body.

The Briggs family

Major Garland Briggs is the Air Force officer involved in top-secret government ops around Twin Peaks. He and his wife Betty have one son, Bobby, who was the boyfriend of Laura Palmer.

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