Baby names that you would want to name your main character

Nov 1, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. ET
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If you're writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month, what names would you pick for your main characters? We think these awesome baby names would do the trick.

Since 1999, the month of November has been deemed National Novel Writing Month, and scribes everywhere aim to pen a 50,000-word rough draft. One of the tasks authors must complete is naming their characters. It's not exactly like naming a baby, but in a way, it is, particularly if dreams come true and the novel winds up on bookshelves. What baby names, then, work well for main characters?

You have to consider the qualities your character has. Is she a strong-willed heroine, or is he a rough-around-the edges private detective? As you look over these potential character names, keep in mind what the name sounds like and how it makes you feel. Are you looking for an ultra-classic, old-fashioned character name? A soft, feminine character name? A serious character name?

These names work well for your novel-writing adventures, no matter what type of character you're bringing to life.

Male character names

Female character names

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