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Baby names from Scandal

Not every TV show has baby names ripe for the picking, but Scandal is loaded. Storytelling this intricate needs memorable, standout character names, exactly what you want for your baby girl or boy — whether you’re a Scandal fan or not.

Scandal follows the life of former White House Communications Director Olivia Pope, who now runs a crisis management firm. What is that even? Basically, if you’re a big player in politics, the lady’s got your back. Murder mysteries, multi-level conspiracies, love affairs — this show brings the drama like only Shonda Rhimes can. Just watch it, if you’re not. In fact, I cannot think of a better show to marathon through the last leg of pregnancy — not to mention keeping yourself entertained in the early weeks of all-night baby feed-a-thons.

Baby name inspiration from the main characters

So much baby name potential in this main cast! The writers went with fresh, modern names perfect for today’s babies. Even the actors have eye-catching monikers.

Olivia Carolyn Pope: known as the best “fixer” in Washington D.C. (Kerry Washington)
Abby Whelan: an investigator for Olivia’s consulting firm (Darby Stanchfield)
Quinn Perkins: a young lawyer and associate at Olivia’s firm (Katie Lowes)
Huck: a former CIA agent who works computer tech at Olivia’s firm (Guillermo Diaz)
Cyrus Rutherford Beene: White House Chief of Staff (Jeff Perry)
FitzgeraldFitzThomas Grant III: President of the United States (Tony Goldwyn)
Melody “Mellie” Grant: First Lady of the United States (Bellamy Young)
David Rosen: Assistant U.S. Attorney (Joshua Malina)
Jake Ballard: Captain in the U.S. Navy (Scott Foley)

Bad-ass baby girl names from Scandal

These ladies don’t own the screen like Olivia Pope, but they’ve appeared in an episode or two. We adore the name Josie — nickname of U.S. House member Josephine, played by Lisa Kudrow — as a given first name. You could even shorten it to Jo for added sass.

Striking baby boy names from Scandal

These dudes get in some trouble, but who even cares when their names are so incredible? We are willing to overlook their many transgressions if it means your little man gets to be an Emmett or Langston. We threw in a few surnames — so hot in baby boy names — for good measure.

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