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9 Frightfully fun Halloween bento box ideas

These frightfully fun Halloween bento box ideas are sure to scare your kids into eating their veggies. From mummies made of cheese to fingers made of hot dogs (yes, really), get ready to turn their boring lunch box into a work of art.

Halloween bento box

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Lunch full of bones

The theme of this Halloween-inspired lunch is all about bones. Using crescent roll dough, the talented folks at used a cookie cutter to create these adorable crescent roll skulls. She then diced up cheese, turkey cubes, olive bites and diced pears, as well as yogurt topped with bone food sprinkles.

Halloween inspired bento box

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Mummy lunch

Leave it to the awesome folks at to turn a boring ole’ sandwich into something that is… well, awesome! Using strips of cheese, an opened Oreo and a raisin, this sandwich is transformed into a cute little mummy. Grapes, tomatoes and a small sleeve of Whoppers complete the transformation.

Halloween vampire bento box school lunch for kids

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Vampire lunch

This not-so-scary vampire lunch transforms a sandwich into a Halloween-inspired treat. She used Oreo cookies for the ears, nori paper for the hair (you could also use a fruit roll-up) and peppers for the mouth to create a lunch that is full of spooky fun.

Halloween kids lunch for school

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Hot dog fingers

Yes, those are fingers made out of hot dogs and yes, we might think they are gross, but chances are your kids will think they are awesome. The fingers are hot dogs cooked in soy sauce and brown sugar to give them the right hue. You can also add in the fingernail details with a knife. Also included in this frightfully fun lunch are “bat eyes” (Cheerios covered in chocolate with some candy eyes), “bloody eyeballs” (tomatoes), “spider blood dipping sauce” (ketchup) and “last eyes of Newt” (grapes).

Halloween lunch for kids

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Bewitching lunch

This cute witch is made from steamed rice, with a nori paper hat and Bosc pears as her hair. Wilton icing is used for her eyes; however, you could also just use candy eyes. She ups the fruit and veggie factor in the lunch with a gala apple, broccoli, bell pepper, pomegranate seeds and carrot sticks.

Halloween lunches for kids

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Ninja lunch

If your child is dressing up as a ninja this Halloween, they will go crazy over this fun lunch. The same basic ingredients are used to create the ninja — rice, nori paper and candy eyeballs. Cut-up fruits and veggies help round out the meal and the cuteness factor.

Halloween school lunches

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Spiderman lunch

If you will be trick-or-treating with Spidey this year, then this lunch is sure to be a hit. The sandwich was made with a spiderweb cookie cutter, with the web strings made from fruit leather. The eyes are made from cheese, while grape tomatoes on spider sticks decorate each side. Honeydew melon pieces and raspberries (with a cheese star on top) round out this adorable Halloween-inspired lunch.

Halloween school lunches for kids

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Jack-o-lantern lunch

Ready to create this Halloween lunch for your little pumpkin? Cut a sandwich into the shape of a ghost and use olives for the mouth and eyeballs. A slice of cheese makes the perfect pumpkin, with a piece of broccoli used as the stem. An Oreo cookie is instantly transformed into a cat with the addition of a few candy eyeballs.

Halloween inspired lunch

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Easy Halloween bento box

This Halloween-inspired bento box is easy to put together in a flash. Use a spiderweb cookie cutter to cut the sandwiches into this cute design, with spider picks adorning the top. A clementine orange is transformed into a pumpkin when you draw on eyes and a mouth. Mini pickles (AKA goblin fingers) and olives (AKA spider abdomens) make the perfect addition to this delightful lunch.

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