Confession: I love this weird babywearing shirt

The babywearing shirt from NüRoo makes Mom look lumpy and weird — before you realize there is a baby in there. But as goofy as it may look at first glance, these things are awesome, and now I want one and a new baby too.

At first glance, you might think the babywearing shirt doesn’t look any different from a mom carrying her newborn around in a stretchy wrap. And then you look closer and realize her shirt is the wrap. What is this magic? It’s the NüRoo Pocket (NüRoo, $60), and it may be the weirdest and most awesome parenting thing that I never had. I really wish I could pop out a baby right now to try it out.

Charlotte & me in the Nuroo pocket! Find out the benefits of skin to skin time with your baby @!

— Amy Bruni (@amybruni) January 24, 2013

I wore my last baby. We were short on funds at a time, so I used a woven wrap lent to me by a friend (that I still need to return, sorry Erin), and a mei tai, also lent to me by a friend (um, sorry to you too, Valerie). I also had a ring sling. They all ruled. What I never had, however, was a stretchy wrap, the type you wear when your baby is super wee. And boy, could we have benefited from one, as my baby was super cranky and wanted to be held all the time. Of course she did, having recently evacuated my womb and trying to get along in the cold, bright world. Who would do that and be happy about it? So we didn’t get the benefit of any sort of babywearing until she was a few months old, and while it made a huge difference in our lives then, it would have been amazing to have from the get-go.

A goofy babywearing shirt cuts out the middleman. Forget wrapping, forget buckles, forget wearing a real shirt. Just put your baby on your chest, securely attach the NüRoo around him, and go. It provides easy skin-to-skin contact, helps reduce pain, and your baby will feel super comfortable, safe and happy. What’s not to love?

I’m not terribly fashionable, and honestly, the NüRoo is a bit fancy for me, but damn it, I’d don one if I had another baby. In fact, if I had a TARDIS, I’d buy one today and then hop back in time to deliver it to my front door five years ago. Who cares how the shirt looks if you can wear it and your baby at the same time? Bonus points for not having to worry about wearing anything else (except for nursing pads, because who wants a soaking-wet baby?). Clothes are overrated anyway, and in those early days, it’s tempting to just go full-on Nature Woman. This shirt helps you be more free while having your hands available. Win-win.

You might think this babywearing shirt looks weird, but I think it rocks. Why did I not know about them until now? It’s not fair.

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