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Supermodel mom Niki Taylor shares her favorite kid snacks (VIDEO)

Supermodel Niki Taylor makes snacks for her kids just like the rest of us. In this cute video for on-the-go moms, she shares one of her favorite secrets for getting kids to eat healthy snacks.
Having briefly had a career selling sausages on a stick at a medieval fair, I can attest to the fact that kids will eat anything you put on a stick. In this short video, supermodel Niki Taylor skips meat and heads straight for healthy options. Using a kebab stick and a small cookie cutter, she creates adorable fruit and cheese snacks.

Keep small cookie cutters on hand for cutting apples and cheese. When you have toddlers, the fun shape goes a long way.

When we asked if Taylor felt intimidated by all the ideas out there on Pinterest, she said it’s a source of inspiration. “I wouldn’t say Pinterest has ever made me feel like a bad parent. If anything, it helps me become a better parent,” says Taylor. “I always find great advice, snack ideas and more!”

It isn’t all fruit and cheese in Taylor’s household. “My kids refuse to eat salads,” says Taylor. “My husband and I have one every night and always try to get them to try it. My kids love any kind of baked good!”

What do you make for your young kids when it’s snack time?

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