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This little boy dancing like Patrick Swayze is everything (VIDEO)

A little boy has memorized Patrick Swayze’s moves from the big finale scene in Dirty Dancing and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened.

According to mom Lainie, 8-year-old Charlie loves to dance and watches dance videos over and over. Amazingly, he’s only taken one dance class years ago. His moves are astounding considering he’s learning just by watching. (As we all know from Dirty Dancing, you can’t have a better teacher than Patrick Swayze.)

I’ve watched Dirty Dancing plenty of times and I still shuffle awkwardly and kind of shake my hips back and forth like I’m a lethargic background dancer in an ’80s video. It isn’t pretty. I’m jealous of Charlie.

Check out the epic dive off the stage just after the two-minute mark. This kid absolutely channels Patrick Swayze. It’s scary. And also adorable.

I would like to watch Charlie’s interpretation of every major dance scene from every film ever because I’m pretty sure nothing has ever been as perfect as this kid’s charisma and pure joy.

This little dude is going to rule prom in about a decade.

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