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Thanksgiving games to keep kids from driving you crazy

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work, but it’s even harder when your kids are hanging from your legs. Since the turkey isn’t going to baste itself, discover six Thanksgiving games to keep kids from driving you crazy, from mini pumpkin tic-tac-toe to turkey baster pom pom races.

Thanksgiving Day Parade bingo

Parade Bingo

Photo credit: SheKnows

Thanksgiving activities that keep kids still in their seats — at least for a little while — are golden in my book. When the Thanksgiving Day parade is on TV, print out these fun bingo cards for an exciting family activity. Winner gets a second slice of pie!

Fall minute to win it games

String apple bobbing |

Photo credit: Alexander Nicholson/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Games for kids take a fun twist when children are put up against the clock in these fall-themed challenges. From apple stacking to toilet paper roll “football” toss, all you need is a timer and a few supplies from around the house with these quick Thanksgiving day ideas from PlayPartyPin.

Pumpkin run

Pumpkin run |

Photo credit: Courtesy Jessica Kirkland/PNP Flowers Inc.

What kid doesn’t like to balance things on his or her head? Using mini pumpkins — or even bigger ones if you have older kids — this race-to-the-finish Thanksgiving game by PNP Flowers Inc. can be done outside or inside, depending on the weather.

Mini pumpkin tic-tac-toe

Mini pumpkin tic tac toe |

Photo credit: Courtesy Aimee Lane/It’s Overflowing

I’m not sure about your kids, but mine are always looking for an excuse to buy those adorable mini pumpkins. So when I came across It’s Overflowing‘s mini pumpkin tic-tac-toe game I just knew it would be a hit.

Turkey trap game

Hide and seek |

Photo credit: SerrNovik/iStock/360/Getty Images

Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without the turkey, so send your kids outdoors for a little “hide-and-go-seek meets freeze tag” fun, Sophie-World style. Using a hula hoop and good hiding skills, your kids will gobble up this game while working up an appetite.

Turkey baster pom pom race

Turkey baster pom pom race |

Photo credit: Courtesy Kristina/SchoolTimeSnippets

Thanks to the genius of SchoolTimeSnippets your children can have all the fun of basting a turkey without the juicy mess. In this fine-motor activity, your kid will be so busy trying to win that he or she won’t even notice that they are hand-strengthening and practicing color recognition all in the name of Turkey Day fun.

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