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25 Stripper names we secretly love

As an expectant parent, you usually want to avoid giving your baby a sexy name. But there are plenty of stripperish names that are actually really awesome.

First, we must discuss what makes a name a “stripper” name. Usually names that are more childlike, animal-like or light and airy are ones that adult entertainers choose when their given names aren’t quite flirty enough. Some stripper names are highly sexually suggestive, particularly when paired with a made-up last name, or liberties are taken with the spelling (for example, Texxxas). However, not all stripper names remind us of the taking-off-the-clothes variety. Here are some of our favorites.

Ruby, Jade or Emerald are good choices if you like jewels, but think Diamond and Sapphire are way over the top (which, yeah, they probably are).

Some adult workers choose color names. Amber is extremely popular among the stripper set, but I think Indigo, Teal, Silver or Coral would make an excellent baby name for your non-stripper baby.

Do you love animals? Well, Bambi, Foxy and Bunny do too, but those names may not be your first choice for a baby. Try Kitty; while it can be used as a stripper name, it has also been a classic choice for decades. Birdie is another awesome classic name that won’t necessarily saddle her with stripper expectations. Raven is a little more modern but it fits in as a good animal-based name that would work for a baby.

Girls with food-based names, like Cherry, Peaches or Candy, often twirl around poles, but what about the name Clementine? Sure, it could be a stripper name, but it definitely doesn’t have to be.

Nicknames are also chosen as stripper monikers, but honestly they don’t sound much like stripper names when they are bestowed upon a baby. We love Penny, Trixie, Polly, Poppy and Charlie as given names that aren’t sexy at all in the right context.

Another popular bank that adult workers draw from are location names — Asia, Aspen, Brooklyn, China and Savannah could be construed as stripper names. That doesn’t mean that all location baby names are stripperish. What about London, Geneva, Juno or Sydney? Yes, they may be used by strippers too, but they don’t have quite the same feel as their more popular counterparts.

Nature names are popular with many populations, including adult workers. Stormy and Windy are popular picks in the industry. But there are so many other nature-inspired baby names to choose from that, while they may also be used by a stripper, don’t necessarily bring that to mind at first. Think Meadow, Wren, Flora, Sparrow and Ivy — unique names, but they’re not exclusively stripper territory.

Whatever field of work your child chooses to go into is her business, but if you’re looking for a baby name that isn’t totally stripperish but could really go either way, these may be the names for your baby name list.

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