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5 Ways to outsource parenting when you’re busy

Parenting is a full-time job, but navigating your crazy life with an extra set of hands would be a gift many parents would never consider returning. But, is nothing sacred anymore? Apparently, you can hire baby experts to tackle the tough parenting tasks from potty training to teaching your kid to ride a bike. Although I personally prefer to tackle my children’s milestones myself, these experts give you five ways to outsource parenting when you’re busy.

Let’s start with that precious thing called sleep. When you become a parent, a good night’s sleep becomes a thing of fantasy. That’s when you dial up sleep coaches and baby nurses to get your kid snoozing like, well, a baby. Companies like Let Mommy Sleep will not only tiptoe in for a three hour in-home consult, they’ll whip up a step-by-step plan to get babies 4 months and older to sleep through the night.

Now after having two kids I can attest that potty training is a pain in the rear. Had I known you could hire someone like New York Potty Training to send our diapers packing, I just may have checked it out. This east coast-based company will travel anywhere in the United States and Canada and have your kid ruling over the porcelain throne in two days. Potty training will set you back $1,750, but for busy parents it’s worth its weight in dirty diapers.

Or, worried that your child’s thumb-sucking will surely lead to braces? You can help your kid kick the habit with “Thumblady” Shari E. Green, who boasts her two-session plan will leave your child sucking his or her thumb no more. The $4,300 fee includes travel expenses and follow-up phone support.

Now that you’ve made it through Baby’s first year — or second or fifth or more — it’s time to throw an unforgettable pint-sized shindig. Sure, we parents put the pressure on ourselves to throw the perfect birthday party for our kids. But Glamour Avenue Parties, based in Spring, Texas, will not only help you host the birthday party of the school year, but also juggle all the chairs, decorations, plates and everything you need to nail the theme of your child’s choice for an average of $275 to $600 per event.

How about that rite of passage for kids: learning to ride a bike? But, just like teaching your teen to drive, sometimes kids learn better from others, even when mastering two wheels. Companies like Bike New York offer free bike-riding lessons in New York City, but you can also opt to hire companies that don’t have a mile-long waiting list.

Now, before you judge, keep in mind that no one is suggesting you leave all the parenting duties to baby experts. But, when it comes to kid and baby milestones like potty training, you have to at least admit that these five ways to outsource parenting when you’re busy can be sanity saviors.

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