A woman on Reddit decided to make butter out of her breast milk (Update)

I’m so tired of internet parents doing something out of the norm — saving the umbilical stump, eating their placenta, turning their own breast milk into butter — and everyone collectively freaking out about it.

Unless someone is offering you a muffin slathered in some homemade breast milk butter, then you have nothing to freak out over. I don’t want to eat breast milk butter, you probably don’t want to eat breast milk butter, and I sincerely doubt breast milk butter will be sold in your local Kroger’s dairy department, so there is nothing to get all frothy over. But that doesn’t stop all of our good friends on the internet from collectively losing their damn minds because a Reddit woman made butter from her own breast milk and posted the photographic evidence. Comments range from “Well, this ruined my day” to “OMG, I just threw up in my mouth a little.”

Breast Milk butter | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: WhatMichelleDoes

The only issue I have with any of this is the fact the poster fed it to the rest of her family, without them knowing:

Update! This is from a totally different commenter on Reddit and not Michelle, who is the original lady who created the Breastmilk Butter™

“I had about 8oz going to go bad and I skimmed the fat off the top and made butter! You know how it separates after it sits for a while? It was super fast and didn’t take tooooo much shaking lol. I then used the skim milk to make cupcakes! They were delicious and my family had no idea…”

That I can’t get behind, because what if her family didn’t want to consume her breast milk? I think this is the same as when you make your family tacos but instead of using delicious ground beef you use soy crumbles. No one wants that surprise. But this story is certainly nothing to feign a mess of moral outrage over. It isn’t like the woman did anything terrible like eat babies or kittens she just ate butter made from her own breast milk. And to each his or her own. I won’t be eating it but I also certainly won’t take time from my day to freak out over it. But if she fed me some without me knowing, now that I could get upset over.

Michelle, who is the woman who created the butter, has this to add: 

“I do not approve of unknowingly feeding your family breast milk. Breast milk, like other bodily fluids, can carry disease. Unpasteurized breast milk should only be consumed by someone who is willing to ingest your bodily fluids! I also do not approve deceiving your family. If you are doing something that effects them that you think that they might want to know about, and you choose not to tell them, maybe you need to rethink your choices.”

I totally agree with her and thank you Michelle for the update.

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