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Fall family bucket list ideas that aren’t lame

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to fall into a boring routine at home. But, dragging kids out of the house after they’re worn out from a long week of school is not at the top of my list, either. So, check out these fall family bucket list ideas that aren’t lame and you won’t hear any grumbles from the peanut gallery.

  1. Pick your own apples. A tradition I happily pass on from my own childhood to my kids, it’s the perfect time to take your family to a real live farm or orchard to pick your own produce.
  2. Take a hayride. It may seem like no big deal to adults, but for kids, the thrill of riding behind a tractor on bales of hay equals fun.
  3. Go to a haunted house. Although admittedly a self-proclaimed sissy, taking the family to hit the local mall, theme park or seasonal haunted house attraction is a fear I face head-on — especially since my kids love to see me get spooked.
  4. Watch a scary movie in the dark. Your fall bucket list doesn’t have to drain your piggy bank, so find a family-friendly horror flick, turn off all the lights and set a spooky ambiance for a fright-filled night that will scare away any hints of boredom in your brood.
  5. Have a bonfire and let your kids invite their friends. Family bucket list activities aren’t always reserved for immediate family only, plus, getting your kids’ friends in on the fun makes it way less painful to score some valuable family time, especially with teens and tweens.
  6. Rake the leaves and let the kids jump into the pile. When it comes to fall leaves, you have two choices: See them only as chores or turn them into fun. Guess which one we choose?
  7. Splash in puddles. Kids are so used to you telling them to avoid puddles that they’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear you tell them to jump right in — and soak their siblings.
  8. Drink hot apple cider. Although we usually sip it at home, fresh cider from an apple orchard is a must-do on your family bucket list.
  9. Host a chili cook-off. Invite your friends, family and neighbors to compete in a friendly competition for title of “Best Chili.” Bonus: You get to be a taste tester.
  10. Make popcorn from a cob. Sure, snacking on popcorn is fun, but popping it right off the cob is some crazy fun. Trust me.
  11. Go for a hike. The leaves are changing and the cool temperatures leave you no excuse not to keep your family active with this colorful outdoor bucket list activity.
  12. Walk through a corn maze. I took my kids to a corn maze last year for the first time and I’m not sure who had more fun: them or me. It’s sure to be an annual tradition.

What fall family bucket list ideas do you have that aren’t lame?

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